Caesar no Yabou

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  • Genesis
  • strategy
  • unknown
  • Micronet
  • Micronet
  • 1991

Auto description

Caesar no Yabou is a strategy game, it was developed by Micronet. The game was published by Micronet. Caesar no Yabou was released at 1991 for the Genesis platform. The game can be played at least by one player.


Warrior of Rome is a strategy game set during the Ancient Roman era. It is shown from a top-down perspective and all units are represented by icons on the square fields of the playing map. The basic gameplay is simple: on each of the four levels there are goals to fulfill, e.g. destroying pirate ships. To do so, the player chooses a unit and gives it the order to move somewhere. When hostile units meet, they fight automatically; the fights are shown in separate windows.

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