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  • GB Color
  • sports
  • unknown
  • EA Sports
  • Xantera
  • 2000

Auto description

CyberTiger is a sports game, it was developed by Xantera. The game was published by EA Sports. CyberTiger was released at 2000 for the GB Color platform. The game can be played at least by one player.


Rip up the rules book - anything goes! Create your own golfer to take on CyberTiger and the many other characters. Real-time analog swing and ball control - hit a fade or a draw, add topspin or backspin, all in mid-flight. Sandtraps and tall rough are just the beginning. Seven modes of play: Strokes, Skins, Match, Tournament, Practice, Driving Range and the all-new Battle and Club Challenge modes. More ways to get on the green - superdrives, hidden tricks, hidden courses, hidden golfers, and tons of secret skills!

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